Bil Programme Code Programme Name Entry Requirement Fee Structure
1 AC220 Bachelor Of Accountancy (Hons.) [Download] Download
2 AM238 Bachelor of Administrative Science (Hons.) [Download] Download
3 AS201 Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Biology [Download] Download
4 AS203 Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Physics [Download] Download
5 *AS222 Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Chemistry with Management [Download] Download
6 AS229 Bachelor of Science (Hons) Environmental Technology [Download] Download
7 *AS240 Bachelor of Science (Hons) Materials Science and Technology [Download] Download
8 AS243 Bachelor of Science (Hons) Polymer Technology [Download] Download
9 AS245 Bachelor of Science (Hons) Applied Chemistry [Download] Download
10 *AS246 Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Food Science and Technology [Download] Download
11 *AS250 Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Textile Science and Fashion Technology [Download] Download
12 AS256 Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Sustainable Marine Technology [Download] Download
13 *AS290 Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Textile Science and Fashion Technology and Bachelor of Textile Design (Hons.) [Download] Download
14 *AS291 Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Textile Science and Fashion Technology and Bachelor of Fashion Design (Hons.) [Download] Download
15 AT240 Bachelor in Plantation Management Technology with Honours [Download] Download
16 *CFAP220 Bachelor of Surveying Science and Geomatic (Hons.) [Download] Download
17 CFAP221 Bachelor of Town and Regional Planning (Hons.) [Download] Download
18 *CFAP224 Bachelor of Quantity Surveying (Hons.) [Download] Download
19 *CFAP225 Bachelor of Estate Management (Hons.) [Download] Download
20 *CFAP229 Bachelor of Building Surveying (Hons.) [Download] Download
21 *CFAP230 Bachelor of Parks and Amenity Management (Hons.) [Download] Download
22 CFAP246 Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Construction Management [Download] Download
23 *CFAP247 Bachelor in Interior Architecture (Hons.) [Download] Download
24 *CFAP248 Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Hons.) [Download] Download
25 BA262 Bachelor in Business Technology Management (Hons) [Download] Download
26 BA263 Bachelor of Business in Entrepreneurship (Hons.) [Download] Download
27 BA264 Bachelor of Business in Service Management (Hons.) [Download] Download
28 *BA265 Bachelor of Business in Health Administration (Hons.) [Download] Download
29 BA266 Bachelor of Business in Event Management (Hons.) [Download] Download
30 BA270 Bachelor of Business in Marketing (Hons) [Download] Download
31 BA271 Bachelor of Business in Insurance (Hons.) [Download] Download
32 BA272 Bachelor of Business in Finance (Hons) [Download] Download
33 BA273 Bachelor of Business in Human Resource Management (Hons) [Download] Download
34 BA274 Bachelor of Business in Operations Management (Hons) [Download] Download
35 BA275 Bachelor of Business in Retail Management (Hons) [Download] Download
36 BA276 Bachelor in International Business (Hons) [Download] Download
37 BA277 Bachelor of Business in Transport (Hons.) [Download] Download
38 BA279 Bachelor of Business in Islamic Banking (Hons.) [Download] Download
39 BA280 Bachelor in Business Economics (Hons) [Download] Download
40 *CAAD230 Bachelor in Printing Technology (Hons.) [Download] Download
41 *CAAD233 Bachelor of Creative Game Design (Hons.) [Download] Download
42 CAAD241 Bachelor of Graphic Design (Hons.) [Download] Download
43 *CAAD244 Bachelor of Industrial Design (Hons.) [Download] Download
44 CAAD250 Bachelor of Printing Technology (Hons.) [Download] Download
45 CAAD252 Bachelor in Visual Culture Studies (Hons.) [Download] Download
46 CAAD264 Bachelor in Industrial Design Technology (Hons.) [Download] Download
47 CAAD266 Bachelor in Fashion Design Technology(Hons.) [Download] Download
48 CAAD267 Bachelor in Creative Photomedia (Hons.) [Download] Download
49 *CAFF223 Bachelor in Creative Technology (Hons.) Screen [Download] Download
50 *CAFF238 Bachelor of Animation (Hons.) 2D Animation Production [Download] Download
51 *CAFF239 Bachelor of Animation (Hons.) 3D Animation Production [Download] Download
52 CDCS230 Bachelor of Computer Science(Hons) [Download] Download
53 CDCS240 Bachelor Of Information Technology(Hons.) [Download] Download
54 *CDCS253 Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons.) Multimedia Computing [Download] Download
55 CDCS255 Bachelor of Computer Science(Hons) Computer Networks [Download] Download
56 CDCS264 Bachelor of Information System (Hons) Business Computing [Download] Download
57 *ED241 Bachelor Of Education(Hons.) Teaching As A Second Language [Download] Download
58 *ED242 Bachelor of Education (Hons.) Art and Design Education [Download] Download
59 *ED246 Bachelor of Education (Hons.) Physical and Health Education [Download] Download
60 *ED247 Bachelor of Science Education (Hons.) Biology [Download] Download
61 *ED248 Bachelor of Science Education (Hons.) Physics [Download] Download
62 *ED249 Bachelor of Science Education (Hons.) Mathematics [Download] Download
63 *ED260 Bachelor of Science Education (Hons.) Chemistry [Download] Download
64 *HM240 Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Hotel Management [Download] Download
65 *HM241 Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Tourism Management [Download] Download
66 HM252 Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Foodservice Management with Entrepreneurship [Download] Download
67 HM262 Bachelor of Science in FoodService Management (Hons.) [Download] Download
68 HM265 Bachelor of Science in Culinary Management (Hons.) [Download] Download
69 **HS240 Bachelor of Nursing (Hons) [Download] Download
70 **HS242 Bachelor of Medical Imaging (Hons) [Download] Download
71 **HS243 Bachelor of Environmental Health and Safety (Hons) [Download] Download
72 **HS244 Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons) [Download] Download
73 **HS245 Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Hons) [Download] Download
74 IC210 Bachelor In Muamalat (Hons) [Download] Download
75 IC220 Bachelor of Halal Industry Management (Hons) [Download] Download
76 CDIM260 Bachelor of Information Science (Hons) Library Management [Download] Download
77 CDIM261 Bachelor of Information Science (Hons) Records Management [Download] Download
78 CDIM262 Bachelor of Information Science (Hons) Information System Management [Download] Download
79 *CDIM263 Bachelor of Information Science (Hons.) Information Content Management [Download] Download
80 LW213 Bachelor Of Legal Studies (Hons) [Download] Download
81 *LG240 Bachelor of Applied Language Studies (Hons.) English for Professional Communication [Download] Download
82 *LG241 Bachelor of Applied Language Studies (Hons.) Malay for Professional Communication [Download] Download
83 LG242 Bachelor of Applied Language Studies (Hons.) Arabic for Professional Communication [Download] Download
84 *MC241 Bachelor of Mass Communication (Hons.) Journalism [Download] Download
85 *MC242 Bachelor of Mass Communication (Hons) Public Relations [Download] Download
86 *MC243 Bachelor of Mass Communication (Hons.) Broadcasting [Download] Download
87 *MC244 Bachelor of Mass Communication (Hons.) Advertising [Download] Download
88 *MC245 Bachelor of Mass Communication (Hons.) Publishing [Download] Download
89 *MC246 Bachelor of Communication (Hons.) Instructional Communication and Training [Download] Download
90 MC247 Bachelor of Communication (Hons) Interpersonal Communication [Download] Download
91 *MC248 Bachelor of Communication (Hons) Communication Management & Policy [Download] Download
92 *MC249 Bachelor of New Media Communication (Hons.) [Download] Download
93 SR241 Bachelor Of Sports Management (Honours) [Download] Download
94 SR243 Bachelor of Sports Science (Hons.) [Download] Download

* No intake for current semester.

** Intake for SEPTEMBER ONLY

Updated on 29/05/2024

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